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Chitosan Anti-bacterial Rayon yarn and blended

Chitosan Anti-bacterial Rayon Fiber


Shin Era has a research and development team develop to rayon fiber and special chemicals, and the team has built a strong collaboration with Formosa Chemicals & Fiber Corp. for the development of Chitosan anti-bacterial rayon processing technology. The main product utilizing this technology is SETOSAN.

SETOSAN consists of highly purified nano-sized particles of Chitosan formed by SHIN ERA technology. SETOSAN is using chitosan that is added to viscose rayon to produce a long-lasting anti-bacterial effect in the resulting rayon fiber. The new fiber iscalled Natural Chitosan Anti Bacteria Rayon Fiber.

SHIN ERA mass-produces Chitosan Anti Bacteria Rayon Fiber and exports itworldwide.
Shin Era, a Europeancompany and a Japanese company are the three largest suppliers in the world of this product. SHIN ERA'sSETOSAN, has the dual advantage of high quality and competitive price.

SETOSAN can be used alone to produce Natural Chitosan Anti Bacteria Rayon Yarn, or it can be mixed with cotton,wool, ramie, nylon, polyester or acrylic fibers to produce blended yarns. SETOSAN has been certified effectiveagainst bacteria by SGS,Intertek etc. SETOSAN has achieved a solid reputation among international buyers.