Shin Era Technology Co., Ltd


Company History

The company was established at the end of 1998, after the basicresearch forecast on R & D chitin -Chitosan, and then establish the chitosan purification and water-soluble basic materials pilot plant in 1999.

2001 mass production of basic raw materials of water-soluble chitin, and introduction of chitosan application products.

Over the years, we have developed dozens of chitosan series products, covering health food, food additives, anti-bacterial fiber products, cosmetics, agriculturegrowth-promoting agent totally five field products.

Chitosan is abundant in nature through biological polymers (the Bio-Polymer), the Company's basic raw material for chitosan-grown high-purity, focus on the development of LOHAS related products.

Shin Era spend 10 years to develop nanoparticle natural antibacterial chitosan agent and cooperate with Formosa Chemical group to produce Setosan® viscose Rayon Fiber

Upgrade to Setosan-F® HWM Rayon provide much stronger and exhibits higher durability, Perfect for medical textile to replace nature 。

Setosan-F textile product can wash with normal process without Steam sterilization and Chlorine bleach.

The concept of vision

Excellent function of the pure natural chitosan biological materials are widely disseminated and downstream manufacturers in close connection with the development and application of products to create a win-win situation.

Provide the excellent Chitosan raw materials and products, and enhance the quality of life of consumers at home.
Constant innovation and application development, enabling the company to become the leader of the biological substrate of chitosan, the benefit of all mankind